Farewell Ms.Fady - picnic 2023

It was with mixed emotions that students, parents and alumni said their farewells to Ms.Fady as she leaves Mignet for a well deserved retirement.( For those of you who didnt see the farewell poem she wrote for Mignet students and parents, see an image of it here in the gallery ).
There is no doubt that she will be sorely missed and we are sad to see her leave but we wish her all the best with her new projects . Apelevia collected an overwhelming amount of farewell messages for her - from past students, families and Mignet students and we made them into two booklets that she can peruse at her leisure.
The picnic organized on sunday 3 July gave many students and parents the chance to say their goodbyes in person. The 3eme students also presented their gifts to Ms.Fady and M. Terrisse - arent we lucky to have such fantastic teachers at the International section ?
A lovely end to the school year and a great start to summer !



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Fin d'année en beauté pour les Terminales de Duby

Graduation ceremony by Agessia
4 July 2023



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