What do we do?




The role of APELEVIA in the “Collège”:


To welcome new families and help them to integrate.

•    To facilitate relationships between parents, teachers and the school.    
•    To defend interests with regard to the authorities when decisions need to be made.    
•    To keep parents informed about school life and answer their questions.    
•    To enrich the range of proposed activities in the “Collège”    
•    To promote meetings and exchanges between parents and students through " garden parties ",

" pot - lucks ", " coffee mornings " , etc ...


The role of APELEVIA in “the Lycée”:

•    To represent you on the School Governing Board and on the International Classes “Conseil de Classes”, in various committees (education committee on health and citizenship, hygiene and safety committee, school life, disciplinary boards , etc .... ).
•    To facilitate relationships between parents, teachers and the school, by explaining the differences between the different school systems in the case of families coming from abroad, and to arrange meetings between English-speaking and French-speaking families.
•    To support / participate in school events (Careers advisory Days , Health Day , works around the School, the Arts and Science Week , the end of school bal, etc ...)
•    To keep you updated on all the school events, by sending you any information that may be of interest (post -Baccalaureate orientation in French Universities but also foreign ones , exchange programs with schools abroad, etc ....)


Our achievements since our creation:

•    Initiation and participation in numerous meetings regarding the expansion of the International Section ( Rectorat , Inspection Academique… )    
•    Active participation each year in the life of both schools: meetings regarding construction projects around the schools, disciplinary boards, the School Board of Directors.    
•    Organisation of various meetings in order to enable parents to get to know each other better.
•    Organisation of many activities related to the specificities of the International Section (Thanksgiving meal, visit of the Lycée for the 3èmes and end of the year meetings, meetings on career avice .... )    
•    Participation in the International Sections Congress.    
•    Help to fund theater/ cinema outings  in English.    
•    Various donations (English books to the library of the Section).    
•    Information meetings / discussions followed by an informal and friendly dinner.    
•    Information for parents : quarterly Newsletters.


APELEVIA’s aim is to improve and enrich the International Sections

of the College Mignet and the Lycée Duby for the good of your children.





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Mignet International Section
Admission sep 2023
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Application forms and dates for Rentrée 2023

Application forms for entrance to the International Section of Duby are available on the school's website here.

Deadline to submit application
6 January 2023

Written Test Date : 4 Feb 2023
Orals : 6 to 10 March 2023

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Horaires CDI Duby


* Lundi : 8h10 - 18h05
* Mardi : 8h10 - 18h05
* Mercredi 8h10 -12h05 et 13h-16h
* Jeudi : 8h10 - 18h05
* Vendredi : 8h10 - 12h05

                   12h45 - 17h10


Les cinémas Le Cézanne, Le Renoir et Le Mazarin proposent de nombreuses scéances en VO (programme consultable sur internet). Les places peuvent s'acheter sur internet et s'imprimer depuis la maison ou se télécharger sur son téléphone portable.

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