Toy Drive for Restos du Coeur , Dec 2019

Restos du Coeur provide gift boxes for 400 families in need in Aix en Provence at Christmas time ( over a 100 of them children ). We organized a 'Toy Drive' ( Collecte des Jouets) and we had an overwhelming response from the students and families in the OIB classes in College Mignet - over a hundred fantastic toys and games - some brand new - were collected and transported to Restos du Coeur !

This project would not have been such a success without Ms.Fady - who helped us collect the toys in her classroom - a very big thank you to her for her energy, motivation and encouragement.

And we thank all the College Mignet OIB students and parents for their generosity - you have made many, many children in need very happy this holiday season !

P.S. On saturday 21 dec, the toys were distributed to over 200 children at a 'Gouter' in Aix - see the photos of many happy children below ! Books,puzzles and soft toys were a 'free-for-all' and other games/toys were giftwrapped, sorted by age and given out to all the beneficiaries by Resto du Coeur volunteers.





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